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Accommodation: The eye’s ability to automatically change focus from one distance to another. There are a variety of Accommodation Disorders, the most common being Presbyopia (age-related farsightedness).

调节: 眼睛自动将焦点从一个距离转移到另一个距离的能力。有各种各样的调节障碍,最常见的是老花眼(年龄相关的远视)。

Acetate: The type of cotton based plastic most commonly used in the production of frames.

醋酸酯: 棉质塑料的一种,最常用于生产框架。

Anti-reflective Coating: A thin multilayer coating that is applied by vacuum chamber to the lens to reduce glare.

增透膜: 一种薄的多层涂层,通过真空室涂在镜头上以减少眩光。

Aspheric: A lens that is not quite spherical (round). This shape of lens works well for people who have very strong prescriptions, as the lens shape can reduce distortion.

非球面: 不完全是球面(圆形)的透镜。这种形状的镜头很适合那些有很强的处方的人,因为镜头的形状可以减少失真。

Astigmatism: A condition where the front surface of the eye is curved differently, causing streaked or stretched vision, headaches and eye strain.

散光: 眼睛前表面弯曲程度不同,引起视线条纹或拉伸、头痛和眼疲劳。

Best Corrected Visual Acuity (BCVA): The best vision that can be obtained with correction (i.e. glasses, contacts etc).

最佳矫正视力(BCVA) : 经过矫正(即眼镜、隐形眼镜等)可获得的最佳视力。

Bifocal: Lenses that have segments for both near and far vision correction. Usually with a distinct line visible on the lens that separates the near and far parts of the lens.

双焦点镜片: 有可以进行远近视力矫正的镜片。通常在镜头上有一条明显的线,将镜头的近处和远处分开。

Blue Light Filter: These lenses help decrease the amount of blue light displayed on your computer screen or smartphone. It reduces digital eye strain, so your eyes won’t feel so tired by the end of the day.

蓝光滤镜: 这些镜片有助于减少蓝光显示在你的电脑屏幕或智能手机上。它可以减轻数字眼睛的疲劳,这样你的眼睛在一天结束时就不会感到如此疲劳。

Bridge: The part of the frame that extends across the “bridge” of one’s nose.

鼻梁: 架在鼻梁上的部分。

Chromatic Aberration: The fuzziness that appears around the edges of an object as a result of lens material that is not crystal clear.

色差: 由于镜头材料不够清晰,物体边缘出现的模糊。

Cone: Photosensitive receptor cells in the eyes that are responsible for color vision.

视锥细胞: 眼睛中负责色觉的感光受体细胞。

Convergence: The simultaneous inward movement of both eyes towards each other (ex. Viewing an object as it comes closer and closer to you). This is usually measured from infinity (distance) to about 18 inches (reading).

会聚: 两只眼睛同时向内移动,互相对视。当一个物体离你越来越近的时候,看着它)。这通常是从无限(距离)测量到大约18英寸(阅读)。

Cornea: The transparent front portion of the eye that covers the iris, pupil and anterior chamber — and allows light to enter.

角膜: 眼睛前部的透明部分,覆盖虹膜、瞳孔和前房,并允许光线进入。

Distance Vision: Vision related to tasks beyond an “arm’s length” to infinity.

远距离视力: 与任务相关的视力超出“一臂之遥”到无限远。

Farsightedness: Also known as “hyperopia,” causes nearby objects to be blurry.

远视: 也被称为“远视” ,导致附近的物体变得模糊。

Floaters: Very common spots in vision that look like black or grey specks or strings and “float” across the eye. These are caused by undissolved vitreous humor.

飞蚊症: 视觉上非常常见的斑点,看起来像黑色或灰色斑点或细绳,并“漂浮”在眼睛上。这些是由于玻璃体无法溶解而引起的。

Iris: A thin circular structure in the eye responsible for controlling how much light reaches the retina — and determines eye color.

虹膜: 眼睛中的一种薄薄的圆形结构,负责控制光线到达视网膜的数量,并决定眼睛的颜色。

Nearsightedness: Also known as Myopia, it is a condition where close objects appear clearly, but those far away do not.

近视: 也被称为近视,这是一种近的物体看起来很清楚,但是远的物体看不清楚的情况。

Nose Pad: The clear or metal pads that rest on either side of your nose and support your glasses.

鼻垫: 安置在鼻子两侧支撑眼镜的透明或金属垫。

Phoropter: The device commonly used in eye exams featuring a combination of lenses.

Phoropter: 眼科检查中常用的一种装置,具有多种镜片组合的特点。

Phoropter: The device commonly used in eye exams featuring a combination of lenses.

Phoropter: 眼科检查中常用的一种装置,具有多种镜片组合的特点。

Retina: The light sensitive tissue located at the back of the eye.

视网膜: 位于眼睛后部的感光组织。

Rod: A photosensitive receptor cells that are responsible for vision at low light levels.

视杆细胞: 一种感光受体细胞,负责在微弱光线下的视觉。

Temple: Running from the ear to the lens, it’s commonly referred to as the “arm” on a pair of glasses.

太阳穴: 从耳朵到镜片,通常被称为眼镜上的“手臂”。

Visual Acuity: The sharpness of your vision.

视觉敏锐度: 你视觉的敏锐度。




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